South Jasper Ranges

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South Jasper Ranges
Angel Glacier Mount Edith Cavell 1.jpg
Mount Edith Cavell and Angel Glacier
Highest point
Peak Mount Edith Cavell
Elevation 3,363 m (11,033 ft)
Coordinates 52°40′06″N 118°03′24″W / 52.66833°N 118.05667°W / 52.66833; -118.05667
South Jasper Ranges is located in Canada
South Jasper Ranges
Country Canada
Provinces Alberta and British Columbia
Range coordinates 52°40′06″N 118°03′24″W / 52.66833°N 118.05667°W / 52.66833; -118.05667Coordinates: 52°40′06″N 118°03′24″W / 52.66833°N 118.05667°W / 52.66833; -118.05667[1]
Parent range Canadian Rockies

The South Jasper Ranges are mountain ranges of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada.

It is a part of the Central Main Ranges of the Canadian Rockies, located on the Continental Divide, in Jasper National Park (Alberta) and Mount Robson Provincial Park (British Columbia). It contains the Meadow-Clairvaux, Fraser-Rampart, Trident Range and, most prominently, the Cavell Group of mountains and the headwaters of the Athabasca and Fraser River.

The South Jasper Ranges covers a surface of 1,196 km² (462 mi²), has a length of 39 km (from north to south) and a width of 49 km.[1]

Peaks and mountains[edit]

  1. Mount Edith Cavell - 3,363 m (11,033 ft)
  2. Simon Peak - 3,313 m (10,869 ft)
  3. Throne Mountain - 3,120 m (10,236 ft)
  4. Blackhorn Peak - 3,000 m (9,843 ft)
  5. Chevron Mountain - 2,879 m (9,446 ft)
  6. Tonquin Hill - 2,398 m (7,867 ft)


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