South Kerry Independent Alliance

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South Kerry
Independent Alliance
Chairman Michael Gleeson
Founded 1992
Headquarters High Street, Killarney,
County Kerry
Political position Centre-left
Local government in the Republic of Ireland
1 / 949
Politics of the Republic of Ireland
Political parties

The South Kerry Independent Alliance (SKIA) is a minor political party in the Republic of Ireland. It was established by former Labour Party members in the 1990s based in the Kerry South constituency.[1] Since 1999, it has only contested local elections in the Killarney area in County Kerry, and its only candidate has been Michael Gleeson, who was a Killarney town councillor from 1991 to 2014, and has been Kerry County Councillor since 1999.[2]

Gleeson was de-selected by the Labour Party as a candidate to contest the 1992 general election in favour of Breeda Moynihan-Cronin, which led to his leaving the party and later forming the SKIA with his supporters. The SKIA discussed a merger with the Labour Party in 2006, with Gleeson as the proposed Labour Party candidate at the 2007 general election, after Moynihan-Cronin announced her intention to retire from Dáil Éireann.[1] However, the talks failed, Moynihan-Cronin stood for re-election, and subsequently lost her seat.[3]

Michael Gleeson unsuccessfully contested the 2011 general election again, in the Kerry South Constituency.[4]


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