Kerry Independent Alliance

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Kerry Independent
Chairman Michael Gleeson
Founded 1992
Headquarters High Street, Killarney,
County Kerry
Political position Centre-left
Local government in the Republic of Ireland
1 / 949
Politics of the Republic of Ireland
Political parties

The Kerry Independent Alliance is a minor political party in the Republic of Ireland. It was established as the South Kerry Independent Alliance by former Labour Party members in the 1990s based in the Kerry South constituency.[1] Since 1999, it has only contested local elections in the Killarney area in County Kerry, and its only candidate has been Michael Gleeson, who was a Killarney town councillor from 1991 to 2014, and has been Kerry County Councillor since 1999.[2]

Gleeson was de-selected by the Labour Party as a candidate to contest the 1992 general election in favour of Breeda Moynihan-Cronin, which led to his leaving the party and later forming the SKIA with his supporters. The SKIA discussed a merger with the Labour Party in 2006, with Gleeson as the proposed Labour Party candidate at the 2007 general election, after Moynihan-Cronin announced her intention to retire from Dáil Éireann.[1] However, the talks failed, Moynihan-Cronin stood for re-election, and subsequently lost her seat.[3]

Michael Gleeson unsuccessfully contested the 2011 general election again, in the Kerry South Constituency.[4]

For the next general election Kerry South has been merged with most of Kerry North–West Limerick to create a new Kerry constituency, as a result the register of political parties has shown the party changing its name to the Kerry Independent Alliance.


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