South Korea at the 1966 Asian Games

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South Korea at the 5th Asian Games
Flag of South Korea (1984-1997).svg
Flag of the Republic of Korea
IOC code  KOR
NOC Korean Olympic Committee
1966 Asian Games in Bangkok
Competitors 181 in 14 sports
Officials 52
Flag bearer Kim Chang-Hee
Rank: 2
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South Korea (IOC designation:Korea) participated in the 1966 Asian Games held in Bangkok, Thailand from December 9, 1966 to December 20, 1966.

Medal summary[edit]

Medal table[edit]

Sport Gold Silver Bronze Total
Athletics 0 1 3 4
Badminton 0 0 1 1
Basketball 0 0 1 1
Boxing 5 3 1 9
Cycling 1 2 2 5
Shooting 3 4 1 8
Swimming 0 0 2 2
Table Tennis 1 3 5 9
Tennis 0 0 1 1
Volleyball 0 2 0 2
Weightlifting 2 3 2 7
Wrestling 0 0 2 2
Total 12 18 21 51


Medal Name Sport Event
 Gold Son Yeong-Chan Boxing Men's Flyweight (-51 kg)
 Gold Kim Seong-Eun Boxing Men's Featherweight (-57 kg)
 Gold Park Gu-Il Boxing Men's Welterweight (-67 kg)
 Gold Lee Hong-Man Boxing Men's Light-Middleweight (-71 kg)
 Gold Kim Deok-Pal Boxing Men's Light-Heavyweight (-81 kg)
 Gold Ahn Byeong-Hoon, Cho Sung-Hwan, Lee Seon-Bae, Ahn Kwang-San Cycling Men's 200 km Team road race
 Gold Chu Hwa-Il Shooting Men's 50 m Rifle prone
 Gold Ahn Jae-Song, Go Min-Joon, Park O-Joon, Park Nam-Kyu Shooting Men's 25 m center-fire pistol, team
 Gold Ahn Jae-Song, Seo Kang-Wook, Kim Yong, Go Min-Joon Shooting Men's 50 m pistol, team
 Gold Kim Choong-Yong Table tennis Men's single
 Gold Lee Jong-Seob Weightlifting Men's Light-heavyweight (-82.5 kg)
 Gold Lee Hyeong-Woo Weightlifting Men's Middle-heavyweight (-90 kg)
 Silver Han Myeong-Hee Athletics Women's 400 m
 Silver Seo Sang-Yeong Boxing Men's Light-Flyweight (-48 kg)
 Silver Lee Mun-Woong Boxing Men's Lightweight (-60 kg)
 Silver Lee Geum-Taek Boxing Men's Middleweight (-75 kg)
 Silver Ahn Byeong-Hoon Cycling Men's Individual road race
 Silver Ahn Byeong-Hoon, Cho Sung-Hwan, Lee Seon-Bae, Song-Woo-Hyun Cycling Men's 100 km Team road race
 Silver Nam Sang-Wan Shooting Men's 10 m air rifle
 Silver Seo Kang-Wook Shooting Men's 50 m pistol
 Silver South Korea Shooting Men's 10 m air rifle, team
 Silver South Korea Shooting Men's 50 m Rifle prone, team
 Silver Choi Jeong-Suk, No Hwa-Ja Table tennis Women's double
 Silver Kim Choong-Yong, Yoon Ki-Suk Table tennis Mixed double
 Silver Yoon Ki-Suk, No Hwa-Ja, Choi Jeong-Suk, Chung Hae-Ok Table tennis Women's team
 Silver Lee Chun-Sik Weightlifting Men's Middleweight (-75 kg)
 Silver Ahn Jong-Cheol Weightlifting Men's Featherweight (-60 kg)
 Silver Hwang Ho-Dong Weightlifting Men's Heavyweight (+90 kg)
 Silver Chung Seon-Heung, Lim Tae-Ho, Kim Yeong-Hwan, Kim Yeong-Nam,
Kim Yeong-Dae, Chung Gwang-Su, Kim Jin-Hee, Kim Seong-Kil,
Oh Chan-Seok, Jin Jeol-Tak, Park Seo-Gwang, Choi Jong-Ok
Volleyball Men's competition
 Silver Kim Goon-Ja, Chung Myeong-Ja, Seo Hee-Suk, Choi Jeong-Suk,
Mun Gyeong-Suk, Yoo Chun-Ja, Lee Geun-Su, Hong Nam-Seon,
Heo Ju-Ok, Hwang Gyu-Ok, Yang Jin-Ho, Lee Chun-Il
Volleyball Women's competition
 Bronze Lee Sang-Hoon Athletics Men's marathon
 Bronze Hong Sang-Pyo Athletics Men's pole vault
 Bronze Han Dong-Si Athletics Women's discus throw
 Bronze Lee Yeong-Soon, Kang Yeong-Sin Badminton Women's doubles
 Bronze Kim Mu-Hyeon, Lee In-Pyo, Shin Hyeon-Su, Park Han,
Kim Chul-Gab, Lee Byeong-Gu, Kim Yeong-Il, Kim In-Geon,
Ha Eui-Geon, Shin Dong-Pa, Choi Jong-Gyu, Lee Byeong-Guk
Basketball Men's competition
 Bronze Lee Chun-In Boxing Men's Heavyweight (+81 kg)
 Bronze Kim Jeong-Gil, Kim Kwang-Seon, Kwon Joong-Hyun, Seo Jeong-Seob Cycling Men's Team pursuit
 Bronze Kim Jeong-Gil, Kim Kwang-Seon, Shin Dong-In[disambiguation needed] Cycling Men's Team sprint
 Bronze Song Jae-Woong Diving Men's 10 m platform
 Bronze Kim Yeong-Chae Diving Women's 10 m platform
 Bronze Bae Byeong-Gi, Chu Hwa-Il, Nam Sang-Wan, Song Ju-Chae Shooting Men's 50 m rifle three positions, team
 Bronze Yoon Ki-Suk Table tennis Women's single
 Bronze Choi Jeong-Suk Table tennis Women's single
 Bronze Ju Chang-Seok, Kim Choong-Yong, Kim Ji-Hwa, Park Joong-Kil Table tennis Men's team
 Bronze Kim Choong-Yong, Park Joong-Kil Table tennis Men's double
 Bronze South Korea Table tennis Mixed double
 Bronze Won Sin-Hee Weightlifting Men's Lightweight (-67.5 kg)
 Bronze Yoo In-Ho Weightlifting Men's Bantamweight (-56 kg)
 Bronze Yang Jeong-Soon, Park Jong-Bok Tennis Women's double
 Bronze Seo Yong-Seok Wrestling Men's Freestyle Welterweight (-78 kg)
 Bronze Jang Kyeong-Mu Wrestling Men's Freestyle Featherweight (-63 kg)