List of South Korean films of 1982

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A list of films produced in South Korea in 1982:

English/Korean Title Director Cast Genre Notes
26x365=0 II Romance
Abenko Green Berets
Aegwon 2
Ban Geum-ryeon Kim Ki-young Lee Hwa-si
Shin Seong-il
Come Unto Down Lee Jang-ho Lee Yeong-ho Best Film at Grand Bell Awards and Baeksang Arts Awards
Dracula in a Coffin Lee Hyeong-pyo Ken Christopher
Free Woman Kim Ki-young Ahn So-young
Shin Seong-il
Jackie vs. Bruce to the Rescue Tong Lung, Jackie Chang Kung Fu / Adventure / Comedy
Madame Aema Jeong In-yeop Ahn So-young Ero
Mountain Strawberries Kim Su-hyeong Ahn So-young Ero
Passion in the 13th Month
People In a Slum Bae Chang-ho
Physical Love
The Seagull of Pale Plumage Jung Jin-woo
Village in the Mist Im Kwon-taek
Woman of Fire '82 Kim Ki-young
The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
마음은 외로운 사냥꾼
Maeumeun oerowun sanyangkkun
Jeong Yun-hui
A Woman's Trap
여자의 함정
Yeoja-ui hamjeong
Jeong Yun-hui[1]
Jeong Yun-hui[1]
Jin-ah's Rose Eaten By Bugs
진아의 벌레먹은 장미
Jin-a-ui beolremeokeun jangmi
Jeong Yun-hui[1]
The Woman and Rain
여자와 비
Yeoja-wa bi
Jeong Yun-hui[1]
Jeong Yun-hui[1]
Village of Haze
Jeong Yun-hui[1]
Abengo Airborne Corps
아벤고 공수군단
Abengo gongsugundan
Jeong Yun-hui[1]


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