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South Nanaimo was an electoral district in the Canadian province of British Columbia in the 1894, 1898 and 1900 elections only.

For other historical and current ridings named Nanaimo or in the area of Nanaimo, British Columbia please see Nanaimo (electoral districts).


Population Change,  %
Area (km²)
Pop. Density (people per km²)



Notable MLAs[edit]

Election results[edit]

Note: Winners of each election are in bold.

7th British Columbia election, 1894
Party Candidate Votes % ± Expenditures
  Labour Tully Boyce1 120 45.11% unknown
Government William Wymond Walkem 146 54.89% unknown
Total valid votes 266 100.00%
Total rejected ballots
Turnout %
1 Nominated by the Nanaimo Reform Club, which had been set up by the Opposition but was dominated by the Miners' and Mine-Labourers' Protective Association (MMLPA). The slate was described as "a labor ticket on a labor platform, but with outside support." (T.R. Loosmore, "The British Columbia Labor Movement and Political Action, 1878-1906", 1954, p. 67(2).)
8th British Columbia election, 1898
Party Candidate Votes % ± Expenditures
  Labour Ralph Smith2 193 78.46% unknown
Government William Wymond Walkem 53 21.54% unknown
Total valid votes 246 100.00%
Total rejected ballots
Turnout %
2 Ran as a "Labour-Oppositionist, i.e. as a Labour candidate but with Opposition support (T.R. Loosmore, "The British Columbia Labour Movement and Political Action in British Columbia, 1879-1906", 1954, p. 92).
9th British Columbia election, 1900
Party Candidate Votes % ± Expenditures
Opposition James Dunsmuir 249 52.53% unknown
  Labour John Radcliffe3 225 47.47% unknown
Total valid votes 474 100.00%
Total rejected ballots
Turnout %
3 N(I)LP candidate supported by Provincial Party. (See note 6.) His name was also spelled Ratcliff and Ratcliffe by the press.

The riding was redistributed before the 1903 election. Successor ridings were (roughly) Nanaimo City, Newcastle and The Islands.