South Ossetia national football team

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South Ossetia (Georgia)
Shirt badge/Association crest
AssociationFootball Federation of the Republic of Georgia ( South Ossetia)
First international
 Abkhazia 3–0 South Ossetia 
(Sukhumi, Abkhazia; 23 September, 2013)
Biggest win
 Darfur 0–19 South Ossetia 
(Östersund, Sapmi; 2 June, 2014)
Biggest defeat
 Abkhazia 3–0 South Ossetia 
(Sukhumi, Abkhazia; 23 September, 2013)
 County of Nice 3–0 South Ossetia 
(Östersund, Sapmi; 4 June, 2014)
ConIFA World Football Cup
Appearances1 (first in 2014)
Best result4th place (2014)

The South Ossetia National Football Team, is the national team of South Ossetia. They are not affiliated with FIFA or UEFA and therefore cannot compete for the FIFA World Cup or the UEFA European Championship. South Ossetia made its debut against Abkhazia in Sukhumi on 23 September 2013 where they suffered a 3–0 defeat.[1]

They competed at the first ConIFA World Football Cup in 2014 finishing in 4th place overall.[2]


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