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South Pacific Television logo, 1976-1980

South Pacific Television was a television channel in New Zealand, which operated between 1976 and 1980.


The channel, then known as TV 2, first went to air on 30 June 1975. It was the second national government television channel to be established in the country that year, after Television One went to air on 1 April, replacing the former New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation's TV service.

In its first week, the network held New Zealand's first Telethon in aid of the St John Ambulance. It raised $593,878.

The channel could only be picked up in Auckland and Christchurch when it first went to air, but it was limited in Christchurch due to a faulty transmitter. It was another three months before the Waikato and Bay Of Plenty got coverage and by late November, the channel was available in Wellington before spreading throughout the rest of the country.

In 1977, broadcasting hours were cut on both channels and as a result South Pacific Television lost sixteen hours of broadcast time a week, forcing the channel to begin its broadcasting day at 3pm.

Channel funding was cut for Television One and handed over to South Pacific in a move that bewildered some over at Television One. The effects of the cuts saw programme output on South Pacific increase.

South Pacific Television used a different version of the Goodnight Kiwi from TV2; this is the only version that has not been made public by TVNZ.[1]


It was decided in 1979 by the National Government that the channels would be amalgamated under an administration which would end the competition that reared its head in 1975.

South Pacific Television ended transmission on 14 February 1980 with a two-hour farewell special.

The next day, 15 February 1980, Television One and South Pacific Television were dissolved and became Television One and Television Two, under the newly formed Television New Zealand.


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