South Padre International Music Festival

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South Padre International Music Festival
Genrecountry, funk, reggae, rock, indie, Latin rock, ska, bluegrass, Americana, hip hop and jazz
Dates2008: October 31-November 2
Location(s)South Padre Island, Texas, United States
Years active2007–present

South Padre International Music Festival (also known as SPI Music Fest) is an annual 3-day music festival held on South Padre Island, Texas. The event features international and national artists, encompassing a wide range of musical genres including country, funk, reggae, rock, indie, Latin rock, ska and jazz. 2007 marked the inaugural year of SPI Music Fest with almost 10,000 visitors throughout the weekend. The festival producer is GamePlan Marketing & Events, a strategic marketing and advertising agency located in Austin, Texas.[1]
The festival is set in a tropical atmosphere with temperatures averaging high 70s in late October and early November.[2]


When The South Padre Convention and Visitors Bureau had a goal to attract visitors during the fall off-season, it held a bidding for a music festival. GamePlan Marketing & Events was selected and began the process of producing a music festival that would help South Padre be a cultural entertainment destination, attracting worldwide tourism. Early visions for a music festival included concerts on the sand flats north of the South Padre Island Convention Centre. However, the producer and CVB agreed they wanted to put the concerts near the businesses to better help the local economy.[3] November 2–4, 2007 marked the inaugural SPI Music Fest. The 2008 date for SPI Music Fest will occur on October 31-November 2.

2008 lineup[edit]

2007 lineup[edit]

More than 60 bands in 14 venues were officially involved[4] in the 2007 South Padre International Music Festival. Musical acts included:


The average temperature for South Padre Island during the last week of October and the first week of November is 80' (average high) and 66' (average low).[5]



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