South Pagai

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South Pagai
Mentawai Islands Topography.png
Location South East Asia
Coordinates 3°00′S 100°20′E / 3.000°S 100.333°E / -3.000; 100.333Coordinates: 3°00′S 100°20′E / 3.000°S 100.333°E / -3.000; 100.333
Archipelago Mentawai Islands
Province West Sumatra
Regency Mentawai Islands

South Pagai (Indonesian: Pagai Selatan) is one of the Mentawai Islands off the west coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. It is south of North Pagai (or Pagai Utara) Island. The September 2007 Sumatra earthquakes were located near here, producing coastal uplift, enlarging nearby islands and even produced 6 new ones.[1] The 2010 Mentawai earthquake and tsunami also struck of its south-west coast, causing a tsunami.

Surf breaks[edit]

South Pagai and its surrounding outer islands host overall what many feel are among the highest quality and the most consistent surf breaks of the Mentawai Islands. The surf breaks in this region were the most affected during he 2007 seismic event. Where the reefs raised around 6 ft in the southernmost tip of the Mentawais. Due to this, the surf breaks were altered and subsequently increased or decreased in quality, and even a few new spots were created. All but a few of the breaks in the South Pagai region are arguably World Class on a consistent basis.

The breaks in the area include:

  • "Roxy's Right" (a.k.a. Coldsprings),
  • "Rag's Left",
  • "Rag's Right",
  • "Buddha's Left",
  • "Thunders Left",
  • "Thunders Right",
  • "Yellowstones Left and Right"(a.k.a. "IDK's" a.k.a. "Dracula's"),
  • "Bangkok's Left",
  • "Lighthouse Rights",
  • "McFrights Left" (a.k.a. "Hole"),
  • "Moots",
  • "Sneaky Peak",
  • "Meat Locker"

Breaks are currently accessible by surf charter boat only, and due to the distance required to travel to the South Pagai region,they are frequented by less operators. An eco-friendly surf resort Southern Mentawai Outpost is reported to be built in 2014, in the South Pagai region based at the ultra consistent and high quality break "Thunders", which many surfers report to be one of the most consistent and highest quality break at all sizes in the archipelago of Indonesia.