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South Park as outlined by the Los Angeles Times

South Park is a 1.41 square miles (3.65 km2) neighborhood within South Los Angeles region of the city of Los Angeles, California, United States.


South Park is flanked by Historic South Central on the north, Central-Alameda on the east, Florence on the south and Vermont-Slauson and Vermont Square on the west.[1] The neighborhood's street boundaries are East Vernon Avenue on the north, Central Avenue on the east, Slauson Avenue on the south and the Harbor Freeway on the west.[2][3]


A total of 30,496 people lived in South Park's 1.41 square miles, according to the 2000 U.S. census—averaging 21,638 people per square mile, among the highest population densities in the city as a whole. Population was estimated at 32,851 in 2008. The median age was 23, considered young when compared to the city as a whole. The percentages of residents aged birth to 34 were among the county's highest.[2]

Latinos made up 78.6% of the population, with African Americans at 19.2%, white 1%, Asian 0.1%, and other 1%. Mexico and El Salvador were the most common places of birth for the 49.4% of the residents who were born abroad, a high percentage of foreign-born when compared with the city or county as a whole.[2]

The $29,518 median household income in 2008 dollars was considered low for the city and county. The percentage of households earning $20,000 or less was high, compared to the county at large. The average household size of 3.9 people was high for the city. Renters occupied 72.3% of the housing units, and homeowners occupied the rest.[2]

In 2000 there were 1,607 families headed by single parents, or 27.9%, a rate that was high for the county and the city. The percentages of never-married women (39.1) and never-married men (45.5) were among the county's highest.[2]

In 2000 there were 569 military veterans, or 3% of the population, low when compared to the city as a whole.[2]

Just 3.4% of South Park residents aged 25 or older had completed a four-year degree in 2000, which was a low figure when compared with the city and the county at large; the percentage of those residents with less than a high school diploma (69.4%) was the third-highest of any city neighborhood.[2][4]

It is notable for its dense concentration of residents, their youthful age range, their high ratio of single parents, their low rate of marriage and their low median household income. South Park is third on the list of Los Angeles city neighborhoods where adults over age 25 failed to finish high school—69.4%. The district has three middle and four elementary schools.[2][4]


The schools within South Park's boundaries are:[5]

  • George Washington Carver MIddle School, LAUSD, 4410 McKinley Avenue
  • Synergy Kinetic Academy, LAUSD charter middle school, 1420 East Adams Boulevard
  • Los Angeles Academy Middle School, LAUSD, 644 East 56th Street
  • Celerity Dyad Charter School, LAUSD elementary, 4501 South Wadsworth Avenue
  • Forty-Ninth Street Elementary School, LAUSD, 750 East 49th Street
  • Aurora Elementary School, LAUSD, 1050 East 52nd Place
  • Main Street Elementary School, LAUSD, 129 East 53rd Street
  • Alliance College Ready Middle Academy #12

Recreation and parks[edit]

The neighborhood took the name of a municipal park, named South Park, which opened in 1900.[6]

The neighborhood's only recreation facility, South Park is at 345 East 51st Street,[7] was established on a 20-acre plot purchased from "the Boetcher estate" in 1900, and after its planting with orange, oak and walnut trees, it was said to "compare favorably with any of the city's older beauty spots." It fronted on South Park Avenue, now Avalon Boulevard. The water well and pump house developed at that time are still in existence.[6]

The park features a baseball diamond (lighted), basketball courts (lighted/outdoor), children's play area, picnic tables, seasonal pool (outdoor/unheated) and tennis courts (lighted).[7]

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