South Park (pinball)

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South Park
Manufacturer Sega Pinball
Release date February 1999[1]
System Sega WhiteStar
Players 6
Programming Neil Falconer, Orin Day
Mechanics Joe Balcer, Rob Hurtado
Music Kyle Johnson
Sound Kyle Johnson

South Park is a 1999 pinball game released by Sega Pinball. It is based on the adult animated TV series of the same name.

This game was Sega's last pinball game; production would be continued by Stern Pinball, the successor to Sega Pinball.


The amount of coarse language depends on the machine's language rating. If the language switch is on PG-13, the game will use mild language (and like the show, all strong expletives are bleeped out). When the machine has the language rating is on G, the language will be watered down, so it can be acceptable for family-friendly places (i.e. When the "Kill Kenny" Hurry Up mode is successfully completed, Kyle will say "rats" instead of shouting "you bastards!"). The family mode will also alter the match sequence which features Terrance & Phillip belching instead of farting. The prototype ROM set for the game had all expletives unbleeped.


Inlanes light up and can start Super Fart Bumpers. Outlines can be lit for special. There are three standard bumpers, the left lane is a shot through the bumpers. Targets are located on each left lane entrance side. There are also 8 townsfolk targets. Minor characters include Mr. Hankey located in front of the toilet. Major characters include Chef, a large rubber Kenny, Kyle, Stan, and Cartman. There is also a Cartman hole. Scoreboard includes various character graphics and sounds.[2]

Character modes[edit]

In total, there are five character-related missions which the individual player must complete. The main goal in South Park is to complete the Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, and Chef mode in order to unlock the secret wizard modes. In order to start a character mode, the player must hit each individual character’s slot (or shot) a certain number of times. After a successful completion, the number of shots it takes to activate the next character mode will increase, making it more difficult to activate. Character modes can be replayed regardless of completion.


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