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Not to be confused with South Park, Oxford.
Rhodes House[1] on the south side of South Parks Road, designed by Sir Herbert Baker and completed in 1928, on land bought from Wadham College.
Linacre College from the corner of South Parks Road and St Cross Road.

South Parks Road is a road in Oxford, England.[1][2] It runs east-west past the main Science Area of the University of Oxford, where many of the science departments are located.

To the west, the road adjoins Parks Road at a T junction with the Radcliffe Science Library just to the north. To the east, a cycle route continues to New Marston, crossing the River Cherwell. The road itself continues as St Cross Road after a sharp corner to the south, past Linacre College. About halfway along South Parks Road, Mansfield Road adjoins to the south.

The road has been the scene of protests by animal rights protesters because of a new animal testing facility that has been built here.[3] Pro-Test has been formed in reaction to the activities of the animal rights movement.

Halifax House[edit]

Halifax House was located at 8 South Parks Road on the corner with Mansfield Road from 1961, a social club for people associated with Oxford University.[4] The building has since been demolished to make way for new science facilities for the University. Evidence of Bronze Age barrows together with later prehistoric and early Roman field systems has been found on the site.[5]

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