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South Pole may refer to:

Terrestrial, celestial and planetary South Poles[edit]

  • South Pole – the southernmost point on Earth (on the axis of rotation)
  • South Magnetic Pole – the shifting point on the Earth's surface where the Earth's magnetic field points directly upwards
  • South Geomagnetic Pole – the point of intersection of the Earth's surface with the axis of a simple magnetic dipole (like a bar magnet) that best approximates the Earth's actual more complex magnetic field
  • Southern pole of inaccessibility – the point in Antarctica farthest from the sea
  • South celestial pole – an imaginary point in the southern sky towards which the Earth's axis of rotation points
  • For information about South Poles on other planets and Solar System bodies, see Poles of astronomical bodies


  • Originally by analogy with the Earth's magnetic field, the terms "north pole" and "south pole" are also applied to magnets in general