Communist Party of South Sudan

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Communist Party of South Sudan
حزب الشيوعي جنوب السودان
Leader Joseph Wol Modesto
Founded June 2011
Ideology Communism
International affiliation International Communist Seminar

The Communist Party of South Sudan (Arabic: حزب الشيوعي جنوب السودان‎‎, Hizb Al-Shuyu'i Janub Al-Sudan) is a communist party in South Sudan.[1] It was formed in June 2011, as the southern branches of the Sudanese Communist Party separated themselves from their mother party ahead of South Sudanese independence. The formation of the new party was declared at a meeting at the Sudanese Communist Party office in Khartoum.[2] Joseph Wol Modesto is the general secretary of the party.[3]

The party participated in the 2013 International Communist Seminar in Brussels.[4]

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