South Sudanese Australians

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South Sudanese Australians
Total population
(South Sudanese
3,487 (by birth, 2011 Census)
4,825 (by ancestry, 2011 Census))
Regions with significant populations
Victoria 1,118
Queensland 715
New South Wales 561
Western Australia 489
Dinka · English · Arabic

South Sudanese Australians are people of South Sudanese ancestry or birth who live in Australia. Following South Sudan's independence in July 2011, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) included the country amongst the country of birth and ancestry options in the 2011 Census that took place in August.[1] This census recorded 3,487 people born in South Sudan in Australia. However, the ABS note that "South Sudan-born were previously included in the Census count of the Sudan-born, and this is highly likely with a large number in the 2011 Census". Of the 3,487, the largest number were living in the state of Victoria (1,118), followed by Queensland (715), then New South Wales (561) and Western Australia (489). A total of 4,825 people indicated that they were of partial or full South Sudanese ancestry.[2]

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