South Taranaki District

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Location of the South Taranaki District

South Taranaki is a territorial authority on the west coast of New Zealand's North Island that contains the towns of Hawera, Manaia, Opunake, Patea, Eltham, and Waverley. The District has a land area of 3,575.46 km² (1,380.49 sq mi) and a population of 27,500 (June 2014 estimate).[1] It is part of the greater Taranaki Region.

The district straddles the boundary separating the Wellington and Taranaki provinces, resulting in the town of Waverley celebrating Wellington Anniversary Day in January and the town of Patea 10 miles way celebrating Taranaki Anniversary Day in March.[citation needed]


The current mayor is Ross Dunlop. His deputy is Alex Ballantyne.[citation needed]


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Coordinates: 39°35′23″S 174°16′50″E / 39.589658°S 174.280687°E / -39.589658; 174.280687