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South Wales Geologists' Association
Formation 1960 (1960)

The South Wales Geologists' Association (SWGA) is an affiliated local group of the Geologists' Association.[1] It was founded in 1960 (Douglas Bassett and T. R. Owen being amongst the co-founders) and registered as a charity in 1996 (no. 1054303).[2]


The SWGA's aims are the study and promotion of geology in South Wales. Anyone with an interest in geology and the earth sciences is welcome, professional or amateur. Activities include field trips during the summer season, and lectures at Swansea or Cardiff University's geology departments during the winter season, as well as support for Rockwatch activities for young people and geological events for the public.

In addition, the South Wales Geologists' Association maintains close links with like-minded organisations such as the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority,[3] the Fforest Fawr Geopark,[4] the Southern Wales regional group of the Geological Society,[5] the Wales & West branch of the Russell Society,[6] and the Cardiff Naturalists' Society.[7]

The SWGA is also supportive of initiatives in geoconservation and geodiversity, in particular through their involvement in the creation of the South East Wales RIGS group.[8]

Past Chairmen and Presidents[edit]

The group was headed by a chairman during the period 1959–1996, and by a president from 1996 onwards.

Past Chairmen[edit]

Source : Group of Chairmen 1959–1992, from "GEOLOGISTS’ ASSOCIATION, SOUTH WALES GROUP, A GEOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE 1960–1992", p. 24–25, Compiled by ALUN J. THOMAS,[9] supplemented from SWGA archives and minutes.

Chairman Period
Douglas A. Bassett 1959–1962
David E. Morgan 1962–1964
David J. W. Thomas 1964–1966
T. Richard Owen 1966–1968
John C. W. Baker 1968–1970
Trevor M. Thomas 1970–1972
Michael Brooks 1972–1974
D. Emlyn Evans 1974–1976
Rodney A. Gayer 1976–1978
Derek V. Ager 1978–1980
John W. Perkins 1980–1982
John C. W. Cope 1982–1984
Alan G. Thomas 1984–1986
Anthony T. S. Ramsay 1986–1988
R. Alan Stephens 1988–1990
Alun J. Thomas 1990–1992
Michael G. Bassett 1992–1994
Peter Hodges 1994–1996

Past Presidents[edit]

President Period
Lynda Garfield 1996–1998
W. R. Gareth Davies 1998–2000
Steven G. Howe 2000–2002
Allan Cuthbertson 2002–2004
Lynfa Lewis 2004–2006
Tom Sharpe 2006–2008
Nigel McGaw 2008–2010
Malcolm Shaw 2010–2012
Geraint Owen 2012–2014
Rhian Kendall 2014–2016
John Davies 2016–2018
Lesley Cherns 2018–


Publications cater for a range of geological ability and include field guides, geological booklets and guided walks leaflets to areas of interest in South Wales. Amongst them are:

  • Michael G. Bassett 1982 (ISBN 0720002494) Geological excursions in Dyfed, south-west Wales[10]
  • Howe, S., Owen, G. & Sharpe, T. 2005 (ISBN 0903222019) Walking the Rocks
  • Dilys Harlow 2014 (ISBN 0903222027) The Land of the Beacons Way: Scenery and Geology Across the Brecon Beacons National Park

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