South West Community Development Council

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South West Community Development Council
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General Manager
Dulcie Eng
South West District of Singapore

The South West Community Development Council (abbreviation: SW CDC) is one of five Community Development Councils (CDCs) set up across the Republic of Singapore to aid in local administration of governmental policies and schemes. They are funded in part by the government although they are free to engage in fund-raising activities.

The South West Community Development Council (CDC) was formed on 24 November 2001, with the official appointment of Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon as the Mayor of South West District. Mrs Yu-Foo was the first woman mayor.

The South West district spans the south-western region of Singapore, covering a third of Singapore's land area. The District has about 220,000 households with over 750,000 residents. The District has a characteristically high concentration of industrial estates, including the Jurong Islands and Tuas area.

Made up of three Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs) and four Single Member Constituencies (SMCs). the South West district covers:


# Name Constituency Start of term End of term
1 Yu-Foo Yee Shoon Jurong 2001 2004
2 Amy Khor Hong Kah,
Hong Kah North
2004 2014
3 Low Yen Ling Chua Chu Kang 2014 Incumbent

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