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The South West Peninsula is an unofficial region of England, usually defined as the peninsula of land between the Bristol Channel to the north and the English Channel to the south. It comprises the counties of Somerset, Devon and Cornwall (with some definitions including the Isles of Scilly). It has a population of 2.2 million people.[1] It corresponds to the south-western part of the official region called South West England, but excludes Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, and Dorset.

Some official bodies such as the South West Peninsula Strategic Health Authority (which existed prior to a 2006 reorganization), and the Met Office, use the term.[2] The South West Peninsula Football League, which covers only Devon and Cornwall, also uses the name.[3] The name of Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, a medical school established by the University of Exeter and Plymouth University which operated between 2000 and 2013, also referred to the South West Peninsula.[4] The region's postgraduate NHS Deanery, South West Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education (formerly South West Peninsula Deanery until April 2013), also uses the term.[5][6]

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