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The South Wolds Academy & Sixth Form (formerly known as South Wolds Community School, and before that, South Wolds Comprehensive) is a Secondary School and Sixth Form with academy status located on Church Drive in Keyworth, Nottingham. It teaches students ages 11–18, and is non-denominational. It was opened in 1967, and has about a thousand students.

The school converted to an Academy on 1 June 2012.


The Academy specialises in languages, and offers French, German, Spanish and Japanese, with links to a school in Nagano, Japan. Japanese being the only exception to the vast majority of schools in England.


A new school uniform was introduced in September 2013.

Sixth Form[edit]

Sixth Form are not obliged to wear uniform, and are allowed use of their mobile phones during break and lunchtime. The "Number 6" coffee shop offers Sixth Form students more independence from the rest of the school.

Extra Curricular Activities[edit]

The Academy offers the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver Award and has partner schools in France, Germany, Spain and Japan.