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The South of Scotland Electricity Board (SSEB), was formed as a result of the Electricity Reorganisation (Scotland) Act 1954.[1] On 1 April 1955, South West Scotland Electricity Board and South East Scotland Electricity Board were merged into the South of Scotland Electricity Board. It was the predecessor to Scottish Power and Scottish Nuclear.

The SSEB generated, transmitted and distributed electricity throughout the south of Scotland, including the former regions of Strathclyde, Lothian, Fife, Central, Borders and Dumfries and Galloway and a few towns in northern England.

In January 1990 it shut down a reactor at the Hunterston A Magnox Power Station. The second reactor was shut down on 31 March 1990, the day before the nuclear generation assets (Hunterston A, Hunterston B and Torness Power Stations) were vested with Scottish Nuclear.

The remainder of the assets were privatised as Scottish Power in 1991.

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