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Southampton Surgical Society
Southampton Surgical Society logo.jpg
Type Surgical Society
Established 2007
Affiliations University of Southampton

Southampton Surgical Society is a student-run surgical society allied with Southampton Medical School. It runs events at the medical school aimed at developing the surgical skills and knowledge of its members. It also serves to inform students about competitions and conferences, encouraging participation in national events covering all surgical specialities. The society is affiliated with the Royal College of Surgeons.[1] It is run by a committee of 14 students from all years of the medical degree programme.[2] The Annual General Meeting occurs in April.


The Southampton Medical School's first surgical society was founded in 2007 by Matthew Harris. This followed the death of the Southampton neurosurgeon, Professor Fausto Iannotti, and the society was eponymously named the Fausto Iannotti Surgical Society.[3]

In 2010 the Society was renamed the Southampton Surgical Society, for further clarity and to keep in line with other surgical societies around the UK. The society received a keynote lecture by Mr Barrie Evans, former president of the British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.[3]

In 2011 the mentorship and portfolio scheme was introduced for members. This matches students with surgical trainees and consultants for career guidance.[1][3]


In 2012 the society organised 25 events including two conferences, Surgery in Schools for local sixth form students, journal club meetings and a series of surgical skills events. This included the International Head and Neck Conference and Surgical Careers Conference, attended by a total of 650 delegates.[4][5] The lectures were delivered by surgeons in the fields of Plastic, Maxillofacial and Neurosurgery.[4][5]

Professor Harold Ellis agreed to be recognised as Patron of the society, delivering a keynote lecture at the Surgical Careers Conference in October 2012. The International Head and Neck Conference received delegates from the University of Athens and Charles University, Prague.[6][7]


In 2012/13 the society received sponsorship from CRC press, the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, On Examination (a BMJ subsidiary), Suture tutor plus, the Medical Defence Union, Wesleyan, Work the World, ISC Medical, Pastest, Exam Doctor and the Medical Protection Society.[8]


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