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The Southampton Passion was a passion play about the last few days of the life of Jesus. It took place in Guildhall Square, at the heart of the Cultural Quarter[1] of Southampton, against the backdrop of the Southampton Guildhall.

The event took place on Good Friday, 22 April 2011 to an estimated crowd of 10,000.[2] More than 70 actors and a 100-strong choir performed in the play, written and organised by Neil Maddock who has also been cast in the leading role of 33-year-old Jesus.[3]

The performance is produced by e-quip Community Arts Project.


The play featured original songs and underscore by composer Nathan Hattersley.

Musical item Written by
Hosanna Neil Maddock and Nathan Hattersley
In The Darkness Neil Maddock and Nathan Hattersley
The Last Supper Nathan Hattersley
We Believe Neil Maddock and Nathan Hattersley
All For You Neil Maddock and Nathan Hattersley
Crucifixion Nathan Hattersley
I Loved Him Nathan Hattersley
Go Neil Maddock and Nathan Hattersley
What Does It Mean For Me? Nathan Hattersley

Original Cast Recording[edit]

The Southampton Passion Original Cast Recording is a cast recording of the songs as performed by the original cast members and 100-piece choir.

Original cast[edit]

Actor Role
Neil Maddock Jesus
Leigh Barnard Peter
Tony Skinner Matthew
Zak Venable James
Joe Venable John
Pete Hamilton Andrew
Kevin Mott Thaddeus
Mark Allen Bartholomew (Bart)
Alan Bridges Simon
Richard Eyles James (Jimmy)
Joshua McDonald Thomas
Andy Finn Philip
Chris Aland Judas
Robyn-Jane Parsons Mary, Mother of Jesus
Ophelia Matthias Mary Magdalene
Kimberley Wren Salome
Miriam Malak Naomi
Amy Coombes Esther
Simon Clift Joseph of Arimathea
Graeme Clements Caiaphas
Steve Braithwaite Annas
Mike Combs Machir
Graham Prior Alpheus
Nigel Forder Priest
Barry Brand Temple Guard
Pete Drew Temple Guard
Geoff Dodsworth Pilate
Judy Schildhouse Proculla
Becky Brearley Alex
Eamonn Carey Vituvius
Pete Walton Domitian
Pete Reynolds Marcus
Darren Blakeman Aurelius
Melvin Proud Barabbas
Barney Ridgwell Gustus
Tom Orchard Syrus
Steve McIntyre News Seller
Dan Coghlan Angel Gabriel
Cliff Blake Witness


Act III, Scene 3 was not acted live; a pre-recorded scene was to be shown on video screens but was not due to technical issues, though the sound was played. It was filmed at Wolvesey Palace, which is the residence of the Bishop of Winchester. The scene, set in Pilate's palace, depicts Joseph of Arimathea requesting of Pilate the body of Jesus.


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