Southeast Aceh Regency

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Southeast Aceh Regency
اچيه تڠڬارا
Motto: One Word for Unity (Sepakat Segenap)
Lokasi Aceh Kabupaten Aceh Tenggara.svg
Country Indonesia
Special region Aceh
Regency June 26, 1974
Capital Kutacane
 • Bupati Ir. H. Hasanuddin Beruh, M.M
 • Total 4,231.43 km2 (1,633.76 sq mi)
Population (2014)
 • Total 188,461
 • Density 45/km2 (120/sq mi)
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)
Area code(s) +62 629
Vehicle registration H

Southeast Aceh Regency (Indonesian: Kabupaten Aceh Tenggara) is a regency in the Aceh special region of Indonesia. The regency covers an area of 4,231.41 square kilometres and according to the 2010 census had a population of 179,010 people; the latest official estimate (as at 2014) is 188,461.[1] The seat of the regency government is at Kutacane.In 1974, the Southeast Aceh Regency was separated from the Central Aceh Regency;[2] however in 2002 the northern part of this regency was itself split away to form the new Gayo Lues Regency. The main commodities produced in the regency are palm oil, cacao, coconut, coffee, nutmeg, walnut, and pachouli oil [3] The main rivers are the Alas River and the Butan River. It contains the Leuser Ecosystem.

The Non-Alas People[edit]

The original inhabitant in this regency is Alas people. They use Alas language and live in under the customs (adat). However, S.E.Aceh Regency is very plural. Many comers from other regencies of Aceh and ouside Aceh live here and become part of the people. Although this Regency is part of Aceh province, Aceh tribe (eastern coast tribe) does not dominate this place.

Here are some other tribes other than Alas communing in the regency:

  • Gayo majors in Bambel village.
  • The Bataks (Karo, Mandailing, Toba, Nias) majorss in Lawe Sigala-gala, Semadam, and Babussalam district.
  • The Javas (Jawa and Sunda) majorss in Badar district.
  • Minang majors in Babussalam district (at the city of Kutacane).
  • Singkil majors in Bambel district.
  • Aceh (a tribe in the eastern coast of Aceh province) majors in Babussalam district (at the city of Kutacane).

Some people are still new at the Regency and do not make majority, such as people from Palembang.

Administrative borders[edit]

Direction Neighbour
North Gayo Lues Regency
East Tanah Karo Regency of North Sumatra
West South Aceh Regency
South South Aceh Regency and Subulussalam city

Administrative divisions[edit]

The regency is divided administratively into sixteen districts (kecamatan), listed below with their populations at the 2010 Census:[4]

  • Lawe Alas (13,010)
  • Babul Rahmad (7,439)
  • Tanoh Alas (3,606)
  • Lawe Sigala-Gala (17,429)
  • Babul Makmur (12,580)
  • Semadam (10,702)
  • Lauser (4,876)
  • Bambel (15,090)
  • Bukit Tusam (8,685)
  • Lawe Sumur (6,696)
  • Babussalam (24,785)
  • Lawe Bulan (13,426)
  • Badar (12,119)
  • Darul Hasanah (11,488)
  • Ketambe (9,273)
  • Deleng Pokhkisen (7,045)


No. Name Period
1. Lettu. H. Syahadat 1975-1981
2. T. Djohan Syahbudin, SH 1981-1986
3. Drs. H. T. Iskandar 1986-1991
4. Drs. Syahbudin BP 1991-2001
5. H. Armen Desky 2001-2006
6. Ir. H. Hasanuddin Beruh, MM 2006-now

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Coordinates: 3°22′N 97°41′E / 3.367°N 97.683°E / 3.367; 97.683