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The Southeast Asian Press Alliance is the only regional organization focused on promoting and protecting press freedom and freedom of expression in Southeast Asia. Established as a non-profit organization in November 1998, the alliance works to unite independent journalists and press-related organizations in the region into a force for free expression advocacy and mutual protection.

SEAPA’s Board of Trustees is composed of representatives from the alliance’s Founding Members, including:

  • Thai Journalists Association
  • Institute for Studies on Free Flow of Information (Indonesia)
  • Alliance of Independent Journalists (Indonesia)
  • Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (Philippines)
  • Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism

SEAPA is registered in Manila as a regional non-governmental organization. It has offices in Manila and houses its main secretariat in Bangkok.

SEAPA is an associate member of the International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX), a global network of non-governmental organisations that work to promote and defend the right to free expression.

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