Southeast Borneo Federation

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Southeast Borneo Federation
Federasi Kalimantan Tenggara
State-level autonomous region of Indonesia

Historical era Cold War
 •  Established January 1947
 •  Disestablished 18 April 1950

Southeast Borneo Federation (Indonesian: Federasi Kalimantan Tenggara) was an autonomous area formed in the southeastern part of Indonesian island of Borneo by the Netherlands in 1948 as part of an attempt to re-establish the colony of the Dutch East Indies during the Indonesian National Revolution. Southeast Borneo became a constituent part of the United States of Indonesia in 1949. The Federation was dissolved on 18 April 1950 and combined with Great Dayak and Bandjar to form Kalimantan Province.

The United States of Indonesia. The constituent Republic of Indonesia is shown in red.

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