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Kentucky Mavericks
Founded 2006
League ABA (2006–07), (2008–11),(2013–15)
CBA (2007–08)
Premier Basketball League (2015–2017)
Team history Rio Grande Valley Silverados (2006–08)
Southeast Texas Mustangs (2008–09)
Southeast Texas Mavericks (2009–11)
Shreveport-Bossier Mavericks (2013–15)
Kentucky Mavericks (2015–2017)
Based in Owensboro, Kentucky
Arena Owensboro Sports Center
Colors Blue, Red, White
Owner Jerry Nelson, Jr.
Head coach Steve Tucker
Championships 4 (2010), (2011), (2014), (2015)
Division titles 4 (ABA)
Dancers Lady Mavs
Mascot Maverick Horse

The Kentucky Mavericks were a minor league basketball team who competed in the Premier Basketball League based in Owensboro, Kentucky. This team is no longer in operation.


Originally known as the Rio Grande Valley Silverados, the team was originally a member of the former Continental Basketball Association. Owned by McAllen businessmen Art Gonzalez and Kevin Mitchell, the Silverados were based out of McAllen, Texas and played their home games at the McAllen Convention Center.

In the team's initial ABA season of 2008-09, the team played in Beaumont. The Mustangs proved to be a force to be reckoned with winning 27 of their first 28 games, many by margins of 50 points or more. Their only loss was a one-point defeat in the final seconds of the game to the Texas Fuel. The Mavericks rose to the top of the ABA Power Rankings early in the season and did not fall from that perch until suffering defeat in the ABA Playoff Semifinals.

On May 14, 2009, owner Jerry Nelson announced the new name and logo. The team name was changed to Southeast Texas Mavericks.

The name had changed, but the game remained much the same for the franchise as the Mavericks consistently remained atop the ABA Power Rankings. On January 25, 2010 the Mavericks set an ABA record for victory margin by beating the New Mexico Rim Rockers 158-72. The margin of 86 points erased the old mark of 81 set by the Kentucky Colonels in the 2004-05 season.

The Southeast Texas Mavericks were ranked third in the MLN Sports Zone Minor League Pro Basketball Top 10 for January 2010, ahead of teams from the NBA Development League and Premier Basketball League, among others.

After dominating the ABA for the three-straight seasons, the owners of the Mavericks decided to leave the ABA and seek a more challenging professional basketball league. The Mavericks contacted the NBA Development League office about possibly buying a franchise and beginning the process of becoming a member.[1]

After numerous meetings with NBA D-League officials, Mavericks’ owner Jerry Nelson accepted the league's "No" response to their request to join the D-League. The team sat out the next two seasons. In 2013, Nelson made the decision to return to the ABA and relocated the team to Shreveport.[2]

During their time in Shreveport, the Mavericks compiled a total record 66-0, including a 50-0 record at the Hirsch Memorial Coliseum, which was their home arena. Along with going 66-0, the Mavericks compiled two league championships as well.

The Mavericks had much success in their time in Shreveport, but in the offseason of 2015, the Mavericks announced that they would be moving, and the city they chose was Owensboro, Kentucky. They also changed leagues from the ABA to the Premier Basketball League. In their first game in a new league and the new city, the Mavericks took on defending PBL Champions, the Rochester Razorsharks. The Mavericks defeated the Razorsharks handily, winning by a score of 108-88.[3]

Currently the Mavericks have ceased operations as of April 2017. [4]

ABA/PBL win streak[edit]

On February 14, 2016 the Mavericks extended their win streak to 103 games, having not lost a game since December 2010.[5] On March 6, 2016, the Mavericks winning streak came to an end, as they were defeated by the Rochester Razorsharks, by a score of 105-99.[6]

Season-by-season record[edit]

Season W L Win % Result
2008-09 27 2 93.1% ABA SW Division Champion. Lost in playoff semifinals.
2009-10 23 3 88.5% ABA League Champions
2010-11 23 1 95.8% ABA League Champions
2013-14 30 0 100% ABA League Champions[7]
2014-15 32 0 100% ABA League Champions
2015-16 11 1 91.6% TBD
Totals 166 8 95.4% 4 ABA League Championships

Final roster[edit]

Player Name Number Position Height College
Anthony Jackson #33 PG 5'11" Columbus State University
Mike Crain #11 SG 6'3" Valdosta State University
Matthew Karn Practice Player SG 6'3" University of Nebraska
Alex Sanders #50 C 6'9" University of Louisville
Gerard DeVaughn #32 C 6'9" Stillman College

Joshua Johnson

Ben Vozzola

Chris Hagan

Cory Wilford

Stan Simpson

Robert Crawford

Nick Waddell

Coaching roster[edit]

Head Coach Season
Coach Steve C. Tucker 2007-2008
Coach Steve C. Tucker 2008-2009
Coach Steve C. Tucker 2009-2010
Coach Steve C. Tucker 2010-2011
Coach Steve C. Tucker 2011-2012
Coach Steve C. Tucker 2013-2014

Sarah Gayler

Coach Steve C. Tucker 2014-2015

Sarah Gayler

Coach Steve C. Tucker 2015-2016

Sarah Gayler

Coach Steve C. Tucker 2016-2017

Sarah Gayler Alex Sanders


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