Southeastern four-eyed opossum

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Southeastern four-eyed opossum
Scientific classification
P. frenatus
Binomial name
Philander frenatus
Olfers, 1818
Philander frenatus distribution.svg
Geographic range

The southeastern four-eyed opossum (Philander frenatus) is an opossum species native to South America.[2] It is found in Atlantic Forest ecoregions, in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.


It is a large dark gray opossum. Dorsal fur is dark gray, and the fur on the sides is also gray, but lighter than the dorsal fur. The ventral fur is white or cream-colored. The hairs on the throat have gray bases, but are divided in two by a cream-colored vertical stripe going along the midline of the throat. Its fur is short. Its tail is dark brown or black for its entire length.[3]


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