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The Southend Urban Area is the informal name for the urban area including and surrounding Southend-on-Sea in Essex, England. The Office for National Statistics defines the Southend Urban Area as having a population of 295,310,[1] making it the largest urban area within the East of England. The population had increased by almost 10% since the 2001 population of 269,400;[2] this was mainly due to Hullbridge becoming part of the built-up area. The 2001 population had grown nearly 1% from the 1991 figure of 266,749.[3]

It includes the following places:[4]

Southend-on-Sea borough has a population of 174,300 (2011 census), although during the summer months numbers in the town are swelled significantly by tourists - the figures for 2004, for instance, show that 6.43 million visitors made their way to the Southend-on-sea area over the course of that year.[5]

The postcode for Southend Urban Area is SS.


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Coordinates: 51°32′39″N 0°40′12″E / 51.5443°N 0.6700°E / 51.5443; 0.6700