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The Southern California Terminal Radar Approach Control (SCT) (radio callsign: Socal Approach/Departure) is located in San Diego, California.[1] SCT is a part of the Air Traffic Organization of the Federal Aviation Administration. SCT sequences and separates air traffic in the Southern California region. It is the busiest air traffic facility in the world. [2]

SCT serves the following major airports (In order of volume, Class B & C), as well as many surrounding satellite airports.

SCT is broken down into six areas and a Traffic Management Unit:

  • Burbank Area: Responsible for BUR, VNY, & WHP
  • Del Rey Area: Responsible for LAX, TOA & HHR departures
  • Los Angeles Area: Responsible for LAX & HHR arrivals
  • Coast Area: Responsible for SNA, LGB, FUL, TOA & SLI
  • San Diego Area: Responsible for SAN, NKX, NZY, NFG, MYF, SEE, SDM, RNM & CRQ
  • Empire Area: Responsible for ONT, AJO, PSP, RIV, SBD, RAL, CNO, EMT, & POC

Each area has five or six individual sectors that are worked by controllers. Southern California Tracon is responsible for the handling of aircraft departing and arriving these airports, generally below 16,000 feet. SCT is responsible for sequencing inbound, separating from crossing and VFR traffic, and departing traffic. Separation is achieved by vectoring traffic and assigning altitudes.


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