Southern Conference Women's Basketball Tournament

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Southern Conference women's basketball tournament
Conference Basketball Championship
Sport College basketball
Conference Southern Conference
Number of teams 8
Format Single-elimination tournament
Current stadium Kimmel Arena, Asheville Civic Center
Current location Asheville, North Carolina
Played 1984–present
Last contest 2016
Current champion Chattanooga
Most championships Chattanooga (17)
TV partner(s) ESPN3
Official website Southern Conference

The Southern Conference Women's Basketball Tournament has been played every year since the 1983–1984 academic year. The winner of the tournament is guaranteed an automatic berth into the NCAA Women's Division I Basketball Championship.

Top-seed Chattanooga defeated 2-seed Samford, 72–67, to win the 2010 Southern Conference Women's Basketball Tournament. In 2011, Samford defeated Appalachian State, 57-54, to earn their first ever NCAA tournament bid.

Champions by year[edit]

Year Tournament Champion Site Most Valuable Player
1984 Chattanooga Chattanooga, TN Tina Chairs, Chattanooga
1985 Chattanooga Johnson City, TN Chris McClure, Chattanooga
1986 Chattanooga Boone, NC Regina Kirk, Chattanooga
1987 Appalachian State Cullowhee, NC Valorie Whiteside, Appalachian State
1988 Appalachian State Huntington, WV Valorie Whiteside, Appalachian State
1989 Chattanooga Johnson City, TN Janice Rhynehardt, Furman; Nancy Smith, Chattanooga
1990 Appalachian State Johnson City, TN Shannon Thomas, Appalachian State
1991 Appalachian State Johnson City, TN Nicole Hopson, East Tennessee State
1992 Chattanooga Johnson City, TN Kim Brown, Chattanooga
1993 Georgia Southern Johnson City, TN Janice Johnson, Georgia Southern
1994 Georgia Southern Greenville, SC Rushia Brown, Furman
1995 Furman Asheville, NC DeShawne Blocker, East Tennessee State
1996 Appalachian State Greensboro, NC Stephanie Wine, Marshall
1997 Marshall Greensboro, NC Keri Simmons, Marshall
1998 UNC Greensboro Greensboro, NC Telly Hall, Georgia Southern
1999 Appalachian State Greensboro, NC Beth Schoolfield, Appalachian State
2000 Furman Greenville, SC Brianne Dodgen, UNCG
2001 Chattanooga Greenville, SC ChoRhonda Gwaltney, UNCG
2002 Chattanooga Charleston, SC Miranda Warfield, Chattanooga
2003 Chattanooga Charleston, SC Miranda Warfield, Chattanooga
2004 Chattanooga Charleston, SC Katasha Brown, Chattanooga
2005 Western Carolina Chattanooga, TN Jennifer Gardner, Western Carolina
2006 Chattanooga North Charleston, SC Tiffani Roberson, Chattanooga
2007 Chattanooga North Charleston, SC Alex Anderson, Chattanooga
2008 Chattanooga North Charleston, SC Alex Anderson, Chattanooga
2009 Western Carolina Chattanooga, TN Brooke Johnson, Western Carolina
2010 Chattanooga Charlotte, NC Shanara Hollinquest, Chattanooga
2011 Samford Chattanooga, TN Savannah Hill, Samford
2012 Samford Asheville, NC Shelby Campbell, Samford
2013 Chattanooga Asheville, NC Ashlen Dewart, Chattanooga
2014 Chattanooga Asheville, NC Taylor Hall, Chattanooga
2015 Chattanooga Asheville, NC Jasmine Joyner, Chattanooga
2016 Chattanooga Asheville, NC Alicia Payne, Chattanooga

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Performance By School[edit]

Member Winners Winning Years
1984, 1985, 1986, 1989, 1992, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Appalachian State¹
1987, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1996, 1999
Georgia Southern¹
1993, 1994
1995, 2000
Western Carolina
2005, 2009
2011, 2012
UNC Greensboro

¹No longer a conference member

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