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Southern Guilford High School was founded in 1930 in the Sumner area of Guilford County, North Carolina. It operates on a block, college-styled schedule (4 classes each semester) as opposed to the traditional bell schedule that has 6 periods year long. For the 2014-2015 school year, Southern has an enrollment of 1220, grades 9-12, and 70 teachers.</ref>

Colors and Mascot[edit]

Southern Guilford's colors are maroon and gold. Its mascot is the Storm. Southern's former mascot was the Indian, but in 2004 the Guilford County Board of Education voted to retire the Indian mascot.[1]

Southern Academy[edit]

In 2005 Southern Guilford was turned into a magnet school for the study of agriscience, education, and medicine. Students are able to explore the fields of pre-medicine, sports medicine, nursing, biotechnology, and agriscience research, botany and horticulture science, veterinary technology and elementary-, middle-, and upper-grades education. Preset course schedules not only reflect NC graduation standards, but also incorporate Honors and AP courses in the student-selected specialized area of the Advanced Sciences or Education strand. Fifteen credits of the total coursework are academy-designated classes required to graduate Southern Guilford’s Academy. The students in the Academy also get priority, in regards to class registration, over the students who actually attend their own district school. Also, people actively switch to Southern in an attempt at a higher class ranking, due to the small size of the original student body population.

Currently, the academy is one of the biggest in the county and has students enrolled from high schools all over the county. Most students come from nearby high schools including Ben L. Smith High School, Dudley High School, High Point Central High School and Southeast Guilford High School.

Agriscience strand[edit]

The Agriscience program consists of studies in botany, horticulture, biotechnology and animal science. Academy courses include agriscience applications, animal science I,II, horticulture I,II, agriscience advanced studies and horticulture landscape construction.

Education strand[edit]

It has the smallest number of students out of the three strands. Academy courses include teacher cadet I,II and advanced placement psychology.

Medicine strand[edit]

The Medicine strand concentrates on sports medicine, nursing and pre-medicine. Academy courses include health team relations, sports medicine I,II, medical careers I,II,anatomy/physiology, biomedicine and pharmacy tech.

Dress Code[edit]

A Standard Mode of Dress (SMOD) began in the 2007-2008 school year at Southern. SMOD was discontinued prior to 2014-2015 school year. Respectful dress standards are expected to be followed.


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