Southern Harmony (Duckworth)

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Southern Harmony is a minimalist composition by William Duckworth written in 1980 and 1981. It is scored for unaccompanied mixed chorus, and is an original work created through adaptation of shape-note songs from the 1854 compilation Southern Harmony and Musical Companion (first published 1835). Southern Harmony is divided into four books (or sections) that were premiered over the span of a decade. The complete work was premiered in February 1992 at Merkin Concert Hall in New York by the Gregg Smith Singers.


The individual movements of Southern Harmony are:

Book One[edit]

  1. Consolation
  2. Wondrous Love
  3. Hebrew Children
  4. Solemn Thought
  5. Rock of Ages

Book Two[edit]

  1. Cheerful
  2. War Department
  3. Condescension
  4. Holy Manna
  5. Bozrah

Book Three[edit]

  1. The Mouldering Vine
  2. Mear
  3. Leander
  4. Sardina
  5. Windham

Book Four[edit]

  1. Distress
  2. Nashville
  3. Turtle Dove
  4. Primrose
  5. Social Band


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