Southern Highlands Express

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Southern Highlands Express
Service typePassenger train
Former operator(s)State Rail Authority
Distance travelled225 kilometres
Service frequencyDaily in each direction
Train number(s)SL19/SL20
Line(s) usedMain South

The Southern Highlands Express was an Australian passenger train operating on the Main South line in New South Wales from Sydney to Goulburn.

It was the last service out of Sydney rostered to be hauled by steam locomotive, 3801 hauling the final service on 10 October 1969.[1] Its headcode was SL19/SL20.

For a time from June 1981 it was extended to Canberra.[2]

Until June 1970, it was formed of a dedicated set of R set carriages. It was then formed of N set carriages[3][4] before being replaced by air-conditioned HUB/RUB carriages released from the North Coast Overnight Express in late 1988.[5] In May 1990 it was again extended to Canberra, stopping at all stations south of Campbelltown.[6]

The Southern Highlands Express ceased running in the early 1990s.

Further reading[edit]

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