Southern Albanian Highlands

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The Southern Albanian Highlands, also known as the Southern Mountain Region (Albanian: Krahina Malore Jugore),[1] is one of the four physiogeographical regions of southern Albania, defined by high mountains and few valleys and plains between them.[2][3][4] It is also one of the four geographical areas of Albania, the others being the Northern Mountain Range (the Albanian part of the Prokletije), the Western Lowlands (Albanian: Ultësira Bregdetare),[5] and the Central Mountain Range, Albania (Albanian: Krahina Malore Qendrore).[1][6]

The range notably includes two mountain chains: the Trebeshinë-Dhëmbel-Nemërçkë and Shëndelli-Lunxhëri-Bureto. It also includes the Tomorr in its northern part, the Mount Çika and the Ceraunian Mountains in the west, two mountains which are close to the Llogara National Park. The mountainous region of Kurvelesh is part of the range, while its coastal region is part of the Albanian riviera.[2] The only notable plain in the region is the Vurg plain. The mean precipitation for November through January is 1,000 mm.[7]