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The Southern New England Telephone Company
Frontier Communications of Connecticut
Private (Subsidiary of Frontier)
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1878
Headquarters New Haven, Connecticut
Key people
Dan McCarthy Chairman and CEO
Ken Arndt
East Region President
Paul Quick
Senior VP & General Manager

Edward O'Connor Jr
Sales VP,Connecticut
Joseph Ferraiolo
Area General Manager
New Haven County

Zachary Tomblin
Area General Manager
Eastern Connecticut
Products Local Telephone Service, Broadband
Number of employees
Parent SNET (1986-1998)
SBC/AT&T (1998-2014)
Frontier (2014-Present)

The Southern New England Telephone Company (commonly referred to as SNET by its customers) is a local exchange carrier owned by Frontier Communications.


SNET logo, 1921-1939

It started operations on January 27, 1878 as the District Telephone Company of New Haven. It was the founder of the first telephone exchange, as well as the world's first telephone book. Since its inception, SNET has held a monopoly on most of the telephone services in the state of Connecticut; the only remaining exceptions are the Greenwich and Byram exchanges where Verizon New York provides telephone service.[1]

Dates of Interest 1878 January 15, The District Telephone Company of New Haven was incorporated. January 28, World's first commercial exchange opened in New Haven, Connecticut. February 21, World's first directory issued in New Haven. April 15, World's first private Toll line put into service, Blackrock to Bridgeport. April 15, World's first telephone booth. May 28, Reorganization as The Connecticut District Telephone Company. June 15, World's first commercial toll line is put into service: Springfield to Holyoke, Massachusetts. October 12, Name changed to The District Telephone and Automatic Signal Company. 1879 March 24, Connecticut's first woman operator, Marjorie Gray was hired in Bridgeport. 1880 Reorganization as The Connecticut Telephone Company. 1882 October 2, Southern New England Telephone Company was incorporated. 1889 World's first coin-box telephone. 1922 June 10, Connecticut's first dial unit cut into service in Hartford. 1945 October 21, SNET 500,000th telephone installed. 1953 First major telephone company to complete dial service.

SNET logo, 1969-1983
SNET logo, 1986

SNET and Cincinnati Bell were the only two companies in the old Bell System that the old AT&T only had a minority stake in; by 1983, AT&T's stake was only 19.6 percent. Therefore, neither is considered a Bell Operating Company; rather, they are considered independents.

Sale to SBC[edit]

SNET logo, 2002-2003

The Southern New England Telephone Company was purchased for $4.4 Billion in 1998 by SBC Communications, which subsequently purchased the old AT&T, taking its name as the "new" AT&T. Under AT&T The Southern New England Telephone Company was known as AT&T Connecticut.

In 2006, AT&T merged the operations of Southern New England Telecommunications into AT&T Teleholdings. Southern New England Telephone then became a subsidiary of the company originally known as Ameritech within the AT&T corporate structure.

On June 1, 2007, the operations of Woodbury Telephone were merged into Southern New England Telephone. Woodbury Telephone is now defunct, operating as part of SNET/AT&T Connecticut, and later Frontier.

Sale to Frontier[edit]

On October 24, 2014, Frontier Communications completed its purchase of The Southern New England Telephone Company from AT&T for $2 billion. This is the second former unit of the Bell System to be acquired by Frontier, the first being Frontier West Virginia (originally C&P Telephone of West Virginia) which it purchased from Verizon in 2010.


The Southern New England Telephone Company currently does business as Frontier Communications of Connecticut.

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