Southern Ontario Junior Hockey League

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For PJHL Yeck Division, see Provincial Junior Hockey League.
For the defunct Junior A League, see Southern Ontario Junior A Hockey League.
Southern Ontario Junior Hockey League
SOJHL Logo.png
Head Office Cambridge, Ontario
Official Website SOJHL
Convenor Wayne Smith
Chairman John Simmons
Operated 1960-2016

The Southern Ontario Junior Hockey League (SOJHL) is a former Canadian Junior ice hockey league sanctioned by the Ontario Hockey Association based out of Southwestern Ontario. Prior to the 2012-13 season, the SOJHL was promoted to the Junior C level.[1]

In the summer of 2016, the SOJHL was merged into the Provincial Junior Hockey League.


Exeter Hawks goalie readies for a shot in Dorchester, Ontario during the 2013-14 season.

Founded in the 1960s as the Shamrock Junior D Hockey League. In 1969, the League would change its name to the Western Junior D Hockey League and its champion would go on to win eleven of the next nineteen provincial championships. In the Summer of 1985, the North Junior D Hockey League would fold, leaving the Western League and the Southern Counties Junior D Hockey League. In 1988, the SCJDHL would fold and its remaining teams joined the Western League. Bloated to nineteen teams, the league would continue on as the only Junior D league in Ontario. In 1991, the league became the OHA Junior Development League. In 2006, in an attempt to gain promotion to Junior C, the league dropped any reference of Junior D or Development and renamed itself the Southern Ontario Junior Hockey League.

Junior Development Hockey League

During the summer of 2006, the Yeck Conference applied to break off from the league and start their own Junior C league, but were turned down by the OHA. A talented and entertaining league, the SOJHL has a long-standing tradition of the OHA in the Southwestern Ontario region.

Dorchester Dolphins defenseman rushes back to defend against rush during 2013-14 season.

The SOJHL downsized extensively for the 2008-09 season, losing Mitchell, West Lorne, and Central Elgin. The league also reformatted into three divisions.

The SOJHL saw the Central Elgin franchise return, this time as the Port Stanley Sailors, for the 2009-2010 season.[2]

As of 2012, the SOJHL is in talks with the OHA as to the future of the league. The 2012-13 season will be played at the Junior C level and the league will be folded and divided up into other leagues in the summer of 2013.

In the Spring of 2013, Junior C hockey in Ontario had its first major realignment since the creation of the Georgian Mid-Ontario Junior C Hockey League in 1994. The 27 teams between the Niagara & District Junior C Hockey League and the Southern Ontario Junior Hockey League were reshuffled. The SOJHL went from 15 to 9 teams, gaining the Aylmer Spitfires, but losing their reigning champion Ayr Centennials, the Burford Bulldogs, Delhi Travellers, Hagersville Hawks, Norfolk Rebels, Tavistock Braves, and Wellesley Applejacks.[3] That summer the Niagara League would divide in half, forming the Midwestern Junior C Hockey League with its former Western Division.

The Teams[edit]

Thamesford Trojans player in 2014.
Team Centre Founded
Aylmer Spitfires Aylmer 1974
Dorchester Dolphins Dorchester 2012
Exeter Hawks Exeter 1961
Lambeth Lancers Lambeth 1987
Lucan Irish Lucan 1968
Mount Brydges Bulldogs Mount Brydges 1975
North Middlesex Stars Parkhill 1993
Port Stanley Sailors Port Stanley 2009
Thamesford Trojans Thamesford 1976

2015-16 Playoffs[edit]

Winner moves on to the Clarence Schmalz Cup.

Quarter-final Semi-final Final
1 Dorchester 4
8 Lambeth 0
1 Dorchester 4
4 Mount Brydges 0
4 Mount Brydges 4
5 Lucan 1
1 Dorchester 4
2 Exeter 3
2 Exeter 4
7 Port Stanley 0
2 Exeter 4
3 Aylmer 0
3 Aylmer 4
6 Thamesford 0


Mitchell Hawks Captain accepting OHA Cup as 2006-07 Playoff Champion.

League Title[edit]

From 1989 on, the winner of the league was also provincial champions and was awarded the OHA Cup. Bolded are league champions, italicized are runners-up in years with three divisions.

Year Champion Finalist Result in Provincials
Shamrock Jr. D
1963 Strathroy Rockets Forest Lakesides Won OHA Cup vs. Uxbridge (E)
1964 Hensall-Zurich Flyers Won OHA Cup vs. Stouffville (E)
1966 Belmont Sunsets Lost SF vs. Blenheim (BW)
1967 Mitchell Hawks Lost Final vs. Tweed-Madoc (E)
1968 Mitchell Hawks Won OHA Cup vs. Bobcaygeon (E)
1969 Lambeth Flyers Lost SF vs. Caledonia (SC)
Western Jr. D
1970 Exeter Hawks Zurich Dominions Lost SF vs. Norwich (SC)
1971 Exeter Hawks Belmont Sunsets Lost Final vs. Haliburton (C)
1972 Exeter Hawks Won OHA Cup vs. Bancroft (E)
1973 Mitchell Hawks Lost Final vs. Bradford (SCL)
1974 Belmont Bombers Lost Final vs. Stayner (SCL)
1975 Belmont Bombers Won OHA Cup vs. Stayner (SCL)
1976 Belmont Bombers Lost Final vs. Stayner (SCL)
1977 Exeter Hawks Won OHA Cup vs. Stayner (MO)
Year North South Result in Provincials
1978 Exeter Hawks Lost Final vs. Lakefield (C)
1980 Belmont Bombers Won OHA Cup vs. Fergus (N)
1981 Belmont Bombers Won OHA Cup vs. Delhi (SC)
1982 Lucan Irish Won OHA Cup vs. Langton (SC)
1983 Tavistock Braves Won OHA Cup vs. St. George (SC)
1984 Exeter Hawks Mount Brydges Bulldogs Won OHA Cup vs. Grand Valley (N)
1986 Seaforth Centenaires Won OHA Cup vs. Delhi (SC)
1987 Lucan Irish Won OHA Cup vs. Langton (SC)
1988 Exeter Hawks Lambeth Lancers Won OHA Cup vs. Exeter
Year North Central South
1989 Lucan Irish Lambeth Lancers Paris Mounties
1990 Lucan Irish Thamesford Trojans Ayr Centennials
Year Eastern Western
1991 Thamesford Trojans Lucan Irish
OHA Jr. Development League
1992 Thamesford Trojans Lucan Irish
1993 Thamesford Trojans Mitchell Hawks
1994 Port Stanley Sailors Mitchell Hawks
1995 Thamesford Trojans Port Stanley Lakers
Year McConnell Yeck
1996 Wellesley Applejacks Exeter Hawks
1997 Wellesley Applejacks Mount Brydges Bulldogs
1998 Wellesley Applejacks Exeter Hawks
1999 Wellesley Applejacks Lucan Irish
2000 Burford Bulldogs Port Stanley Lakers
2001 Wellesley Applejacks Mount Brydges Bulldogs
2002 Tavistock Braves Exeter Hawks
2003 Wellesley Applejacks Thamesford Trojans
2004 Tavistock Braves Exeter Hawks
2005 Hagersville Hawks Mount Brydges Bulldogs
Southern Ontario Jr. D
2006 Delhi Travellers Lucan Irish
2007 Delhi Travellers Mitchell Hawks
2008 Tavistock Braves Thamesford Trojans
Year McConnell Bauer Yeck
2009 Delhi Travellers Thamesford Trojans North Middlesex Stars
2010 Delhi Travellers Thamesford Trojans Exeter Hawks
Year McConnell Yeck
2011 Ayr Centennials Thamesford Trojans
2012 Hagersville Hawks Thamesford Trojans
Southern Ontario Jr. C
Year McConnell Yeck Result in Provincials
2013 Ayr Centennials Lambeth Lancers Lost CSC QF vs. Essex (GL)
Year Champion Finalist Result in Provincials
2014 Dorchester Dolphins Lambeth Lancers Lost CSC QF vs. Essex (GL)
2015 Exeter Hawks Dorchester Dolphins Lost CSC QF vs. Essex (GL)
2016 Dorchester Dolphins Exeter Hawks Lost CSC QF vs. Essex (GL)

Regular Season Champions[edit]

This chart starts at the unification of the Junior D leagues, through the SOJHL's ascension to Junior C, to present day.

Season Champion Record Points
Western Jr. D League
1988-89 Lucan Irish 30-6-0-0 60
1989-90 Lucan Irish 25-4-6-0 56
1990-91 Thamesford Trojans 34-1-2-2 72
OHA Junior Development League
1991-92 Thamesford Trojans 26-7-1-1 54
1992-93 Lucan Irish 33-3-2-1 69
1993-94 Port Stanley Lakers 36-2-2-0 74
1994-95 Thamesford Trojans 34-2-3-0 71
1995-96 Exeter Hawks 30-4-4-0 64
1996-97 Mount Brydges Bulldogs 34-3-0-1 69
1997-98 Wellesley Applejacks 28-7-1-1 58
1998-99 Wellesley Applejacks 30-7-1-0 61
1999-00 Port Stanley Lakers 31-9-0-0 62
2000-01 Port Stanley Lakers 29-8-1-2 61
2001-02 Exeter Hawks 30-6-3-1 64
2002-03 Exeter Hawks 29-8-3-0 61
2003-04 Hagersville Hawks 28-4-3-5 64
2004-05 Hagersville Hawks 31-7-2-0 64
2005-06 Delhi Travellers 29-6-3-0 61
Southern Ontario Jr. D League
2006-07 Tavistock Braves 34-7-0-1 69
2007-08 Mount Brydges Bulldogs 36-3-0-1 73
2008-09 Mount Brydges Bulldogs 33-6-0-1 67
2009-10 North Middlesex Stars 30-4-0-2 62
2010-11 Tavistock Braves 26-6-0-3 55
2011-12 Thamesford Trojans 26-6-0-4 56
Southern Ontario Jr. C League
2012-13 Lambeth Lancers 29-5-0-3 61
2013-14 Lambeth Lancers 31-8-0-1 63
2014-15 Lambeth Lancers 31-7-0-2 64
2015-16 Dorchester Dolphins 35-5-0-0 70

Former Member Teams[edit]


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