Southern Outlet, Hobart

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Southern Outlet
Sth outlet mt nelson.jpg
The Southern Outlet at Mount Nelson
General information
Type Highway
Length 13 km (8 mi)
Opened 1969[1]
Route number(s) A6
Major junctions
North end Davey Street /
Macquarie Street Hobart, Tasmania

Huon Highway

for full list see Exits
South end Channel Highway Kingston, Tasmania
Region Hobart
Major suburbs Mount Nelson
Highway system
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The Southern Outlet (the Outlet) is a major highway in the Tasmanian capital of Hobart and acts as one of the city's 3 major radial highways, connecting traffic from the Hobart city centre with commuters from the southern suburbs as well as intrastate traffic from the south of the state.[2] The Outlet is one of the busier commuter highways in Hobart, handling in excess of 31,000 traffic movements each day.[3]


The Southern Outlet starts at an intersection with the Davey/Macquarie couplet in Hobart, with a maximum speed limit of 80 km/H. The highway bypasses South Hobart and heads south into the mountainous terrain of Mount Nelson. Except for the Davey/Macquarie intersection the highway is fully grade separated and travels through bushland for the majority of its length. The northbound and southbound lanes are separated between Tolmans Hill overpass through to the Firthside overpass because of the mountainous landscape, allowing a higher maximum speed limit of 100 km/H. The Highway ends in Kingston, at the Kingston Interchange.


The Hobart Transportation Study 1965 indicated the need for a transport corridor from Hobart to Kingston.[3] The Southern Outlet was opened in 1969[1] as a super-2 expressway and went from Kingston to meet up with the old Huon Highway at Grove.[4] The Outlet opened as a fully dual-carriage way highway in 1990[1]


This is a list of exits on the Highway and also include the future exits on the Kingston Bypass.

Southern Outlet
Northbound interchanges Distance from
Davey Street
Distance from
Summerleas Road
Southbound interchanges
End Southern Outlet
continues as Macquarie Street
to Hobart
0 10.2 Start Southern Outlet
from Davey Street
South Hobart
Davey Street Controlled Intersection
South Hobart
Davey Street Controlled Intersection
Mount Nelson, Tolmans Hill
Olinda Grove
2.6 7.6 Mount Nelson, Tolmans Hill
Olinda Grove
Proctors Road (No Through Road) 4.3 5.9 Proctors Road (No Through Road)
No access 6.2 4.0 Kingston
Proctors Road
Shaw Road
7.5 2.7 No access
Groningen Road (On ramp only)
8.7 1.5 No access
Kingston, Huonville
Huon Highway (On ramp only)
9.4 0.8 Firthside
Browns Road (Off ramp only)
Kingston, Huonville
Huon Highway
Channel Highway Roundabout
10.2 0 Kingston
Channel Highway Roundabout
Summerleas Road Roundabout
Summerleas Road Roundabout
Start Southern Outlet
continues from Channel Highway
End Southern Outlet
continues as Channel Highway
to Blackmans Bay, Kettering
Kingston Bypass ends at Algona Road, Channel Highway and Huntingfield Avenue
The Bypass is scheduled to open sometime in 2012.

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