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Southern Pride, after RN conversion.jpg
Southern Pride, after Royal Navy conversion.
Name: Southern Pride,
Owner: Southern Whaling and Sealing Company, London (1936–1940), Admiralty (1940–44)
Builder: Smiths Dock Company
Launched: 1936
In service: 1936–1944
Fate: Wrecked near Freetown, 16 June 1944
General characteristics
Tonnage: 582 GRT
Length: 160 ft (49 m)
Installed power: Steam
Speed: 15.25 knots (28.24 km/h; 17.55 mph)[1]
Crew: 30

Southern Pride was a steam-powered whaler built by the Smiths Dock Company of Middlesbrough in 1936.[2] She was the design inspiration for the Flower-class corvettes used to escort convoys in the North Atlantic in World War II.[3]

After World War II began Southern Pride was requisitioned by the Royal Navy, and converted into a warship.[4] Her conversion took six weeks and cost 75,000 pounds. She was wrecked off Freetown in June 1944.[5]


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