Southern Rhodesian Legislative Council election, 1908

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The Southern Rhodesia Legislative Council election of April 24, 1908 was the fourth election to the Legislative Council of Southern Rhodesia. The Legislative Council had, since 1903, comprised seven members elected by registered voters from four electoral districts; in 1907 the number of members nominated by the British South Africa Company was reduced from seven to five. The Administrator of Southern Rhodesia sat on the Legislative Council ex officio. The Resident Commissioner of Southern Rhodesia, James George Fair, also sat on the Legislative Council ex officio but without the right to vote.


Electorate and turnout
Candidate Votes
Francis Rudolph Myburgh* unopposed
MIDLAND Herbert Thomas Longden* 198
Herman Melville Heyman 196
Two members
1,676 (47.8%)
Raleigh Grey* 449
William Harvey Brown 412
John Arnold Edmonds 351
Three members
1,180 (50.9%)
Robert Alexander Fletcher 714
Gordon Stewart Drummond Forbes* 696
Charles Patrick John Coghlan 671
George Mitchell 597

* Incumbents

Note: William Harvey Brown was absent for the third and fourth (extraordinary) sessions of the Legislative Council in 1910 and 1911.

Nominated members[edit]

The members nominated by the British South Africa Company were:

  • Clarkson Henry Tredgold, Attorney-General
  • Edward Ross Townsend, Secretary for Agriculture
  • James Hutchison Kennedy, Master of the High Court
  • Ernest William Sanders Montagu, Secretary for Mines and Works
  • Francis James Newton CMG, Treasurer

During the absence of Clarkson Henry Tredgold from July 3, 1908, Robert McIlwaine (Secretary of the Law Department) stood in for him. Edward Ross Townsend stood down and was replaced by Dr Eric Arthur Nobbs (Director of Agriculture) on April 23, 1909.


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