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Southern Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Science (SSC RAS) is a regional unit of the Russian Academy of Science, which includes research groups from a number of cities located in the Southern Federal District of Russia. It has a staff of about 260 people, including 2 Academicians and 2 Corresponding Members of the Russian Academy of Science, 59 Doctors of Science and 118 PhDs.

SSC RAS was established on December 19, 2002. It is presided by Academician Gennady G. Matishov.

SSC RAS focuses on the following areas in research:

SSC RAS is working closely with the Southern Federal University, Kuban, Stavropol and Volgograd universities, as well as a number of other higher education institutions in the South of Russia.

The official journal titled SSC RAN Bulletin has been published quarterly since 2005.

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