Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly

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Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly
Preceded byPeople's Regional Assembly
Succeeded byNational Legislature of South Sudan
Deputy Speaker
Last election
Sudanese general election, 2010
Meeting place
Ministries Complex
Southern Sudan
Government of Southern Sudan

The Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly was established in 2005 by the Interim constitution of the Southern Sudan 2005.[1] Pending elections in 2010, all 170 members were appointed according to the following formula as per the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA): 70% of seats to SPLM, 15% to NCP, and 15% to other parties.[2] The Assembly met in Juba, The capital of Southern Sudan and Central Equatoria State.[3]

The last and arguably most historic sitting of the Assembly took place on 9 July 2011 at approximately 1.30 pm (Juba time) when the Declaration of Independence of South Sudan was read by the Rt. Hon. James Wani Igga, Speaker of the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly. It was read at an open parliamentary session (sitting number 27-2011) of the Assembly in front of a large assembled audience at the Dr. John Garang Mausoleum in Juba, South Sudan.[4][5]

Following the independence of the Republic of South Sudan, a new legislature was established in terms of the country's constitution. It together with the Council of States of South Sudan is the new National Legislature of South Sudan.

Members of the Legislative Assembly by party[edit]

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politics and government of
South Sudan
Foreign relations
Party Acronym Leader MPs
Sudan People's Liberation Movement SPLM Dr. Ann Itto (for Southern sector) 112
National Congress NCP Riek Gai Kok (for Southern sector)[6] 25
Union of Sudan African Parties 1 USAP 1 Joseph Ukel 7
Union of Sudan African Parties 2 USAP 2 James Elioba Sururu 4
United Democratic Sudan Forum UDSF N/A 4
South Sudan Democratic Forum SSDF Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro 4
United Democratic Front UDF Peter Abdrhaman Sule 4
Sudan African National Union SANU Dr. Toby Maduot 4
South Sudan Defense Force SSDF Paulino Matip Nhial 3
Appointed Members N/A N/A 3
Sudan People's Liberation Movement - Democratic Change SPLM-DC Lam Akol 4

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