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Train No.K169 running on Southern Xinjiang Railway
Map of the Southern Xinjiang (Nanjiang) Railway from Turpan to Kashgar.

The Southern Xinjiang Railway or Nanjiang Railway (simplified Chinese: 南疆铁路; traditional Chinese: 南疆鐵路; pinyin: nánjiāng tiělù) is a railway between Turpan and Kashgar in Xinjiang, China. The railway is 1,446 km (899 mi) in length and runs along the southern slope of the Tian Shan mountain range, connecting all major cities and towns of the northern Tarim Basin, including Turpan, Hejing, Yanqi, Korla, Luntai (Bügür), Kuqa, Toksu (Xinhe), Aksu, Maralbexi (Bachu), Artux and Kashgar.[1][2]

The line joins the Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway at Turpan (connecting to Urumqi) and the Kashgar-Hotan Railway in Kashgar.


The Southern Xinjiang Railway was built from east to west. The Turpan-Korla section in the east (457 km) was built from 1974 to 1984.[2] The western section from Korla to Kashgar (988 km (614 mi)) was built from 1996 to 1999.[2] From Yanqi to Kashgar, the line follows National Highway 314. The Kashgar-Hotan Railway, originally referred to as Phase III of the Southern Xinjiang Railway, opened in 2010. From 2008 to 2013, the Korla to Kuqa section, 526.9 km (327 mi) in length, was double-tracked.[3]

In December 2014, a second double-track electrified line between Turpan and Korla opened to commercial operation.[4] This new line, called the Second Turpan-Korla Railway, is 334 km (208 mi) in length.[4] The line makes use of extensive tunneling to shorten the distance between the two cities by 123 km (76 mi).[4] The maximum elevation along route is lowered from 2,980 m (9,777 ft) to 1,490 m (4,888 ft), and the steepest incline is reduced from 22.7‰ to 13‰.[4] The longest tunnel along route, the Middle Tianshan Tunnel, is 22.467 km (14.0 mi) in length and one of the longest railway tunnels in China.[4]

Station list[edit]

Station Chinese Distance (km²) Location
Lanzhou–Xinjiang Railway
吐鲁番 0 Turpan Turpan Prefecture
Longpan 龙盘 Turpan Turpan Prefecture
Tiequan 铁泉 Turpan Turpan Prefecture
Zhenzhuquan 珍珠泉 Turpan Turpan Prefecture
Hongshanqu 红山渠 Turpan Turpan Prefecture
Toksun 托克逊 Toksun County Turpan Prefecture
Wangbu 望布 Toksun County Turpan Prefecture
Burjiayi 布尔加依 Toksun County Turpan Prefecture
Yurgou 鱼儿沟 Dabancheng District Ürümqi
Zulumutai 祖鲁木台 Toksun County Turpan Prefecture
Kargante 喀尔干特 Toksun County Turpan Prefecture
Xiageze 夏格泽 Toksun County Turpan Prefecture
Xingyuan 星源 Toksun County Turpan Prefecture
Guoguang 国光 Hejing County Bayingolin Prefecture
Alagou 阿拉沟 Hejing County Bayingolin Prefecture
Kulin'aman 库林阿曼 Hejing County Bayingolin Prefecture
Dedaigou 德代沟 Hejing County Bayingolin Prefecture
Dewentuo 德文托盖 Hejing County Bayingolin Prefecture
Zhahesala 扎和萨拉 Hejing County Bayingolin Prefecture
Wusite 乌斯特 Hejing County Bayingolin Prefecture
Harge 哈尔格 Hejing County Bayingolin Prefecture
Shengliqiao 胜利桥 Hejing County Bayingolin Prefecture
Shangxinguang 上新光 Hejing County Bayingolin Prefecture
Xiaxinguang 下新光 Hejing County Bayingolin Prefecture
Haranggu 哈让古 Hejing County Bayingolin Prefecture
Baluntai 巴伦台 Hejing County Bayingolin Prefecture
Husitai 胡斯台 Hejing County Bayingolin Prefecture
Daxigou 大西沟 Hejing County Bayingolin Prefecture
Tianqiaonan 天桥南 Hejing County Bayingolin Prefecture
Mogatu 莫嘎图 Hejing County Bayingolin Prefecture
Hejing 和静 369 Hejing County Bayingolin Prefecture
Bakeshu 八棵树 Hejing County Bayingolin Prefecture
Xingfutan 幸福滩 Hejing County Bayingolin Prefecture
Yanqi 焉耆 400 Yanqi County Bayingolin Prefecture
Baorhai 包尔海 Yanqi County Bayingolin Prefecture
Ziniquan 紫泥泉 Yanqi County Bayingolin Prefecture
Tashidian 塔什店 Korla Bayingolin Prefecture
Yunya 云崖 Korla Bayingolin Prefecture
Korla 库尔勒 457 Korla Bayingolin Prefecture
Kubei 库北 Korla Bayingolin Prefecture
Kuxi 库西 Korla Bayingolin Prefecture
Xiaota 肖塔 Korla Bayingolin Prefecture
Kuluke 库鲁克 Luntai [Bügür] County Bayingolin Prefecture
Yeyungou 野云沟 Luntai [Bügür] County Bayingolin Prefecture
Cedaya 策达雅 Luntai [Bügür] County Bayingolin Prefecture
Yangxia 阳霞 Luntai [Bügür] County Bayingolin Prefecture
Talake 塔拉克 Luntai [Bügür] County Bayingolin Prefecture
Luntai [Bügür] 轮台 Luntai [Bügür] County Bayingolin Prefecture
Erbatai 二八台 Kuqa County Aksu Prefecture
Yakela 雅克拉 Kuqa County Aksu Prefecture
Yaha 牙哈 Kuqa County Aksu Prefecture
Kuqa 库车 740 Kuqa County Aksu Prefecture
Kuqa West
Kuqa–Ehuobulake Railway
库车西 Kuqa County Aksu Prefecture
Xinhe [Toksu] 新和 779 Xinhe [Toksu] County Aksu Prefecture
Yisekesu 伊斯克苏 Xinhe [Toksu] County Aksu Prefecture
Terxike 特尔希克 Xinhe [Toksu] County Aksu Prefecture
Yangtake Kuduke 羊塔克库都克 Xinhe [Toksu] County Aksu Prefecture
Xianshuigou 咸水沟 Wensu County Aksu Prefecture
Kalayurgun 喀拉玉尔滚 Wensu County Aksu Prefecture
Paman 帕满 Wensu County Aksu Prefecture
Aksu 阿克苏 983 Aksu Aksu Prefecture
Sanjiaodi 三角地 Aksu Aksu Prefecture
Jinyinchuan 金银川 Aksu Aksu Prefecture
Kalpin 柯坪 Kalpin County Aksu Prefecture
Yijianfeng 一间房 Bachu [Maralwexi] County Kashi [Kaxgar] Prefecture
Bachu [Maralwexi] 巴楚 1,200 Bachu [Maralwexi] County Kashi [Kaxgar] Prefecture
Wudaoban 五道班 Bachu [Maralwexi] County Kashi [Kaxgar] Prefecture
Xiger 西格尔 Artux Kizilsu Prefecture
Bapanmo 八盘磨 Artux Kizilsu Prefecture
Artux 阿图什 1,410 Artux Kizilsu Prefecture
Kashi [Kaxgar]
Kashgar–Hotan Railway
喀什 1,445 Kashi [Kaxgar] Kashi [Kaxgar] Prefecture

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