Southern Yan

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Southern Yan (南燕)

Southern Yan in 406 AD
Southern Yan in 406 AD
CapitalHuatai (398-399)
Guanggu (399-410)
• 398-405
Murong De
• 405-410
Murong Chao
• Established
• Capturing of Guanggu
• Disestablished
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Later Yan
Jin Dynasty (265-420)
Today part ofChina

The Southern Yan (Chinese: 南燕; pinyin: Nányàn; 398-410) was a state of Xianbei ethnicity during the era of Sixteen Kingdoms in China. Its territory roughly coincided with modern Shandong. Its founder Murong De was a son of Murong Huang and brother of Murong Jun and Murong Chui and therefore was an imperial prince during both Former Yan and Later Yan.

All rulers of the Southern Yan declared themselves "emperors".

Rulers of the Southern Yan[edit]

Temple names Posthumous names Family names and given name Durations of reigns Era names and their according durations
Chinese convention: use family name and given name
Shizong (世宗 Shìzōng) Xianwu (獻武 Xiànwǔ) Murong De (慕容德 Mùróng Dé) 398-405 Yanwang (燕王 Yànwáng) 398-400
Jianxing (建平 Jiànpíng) 400-405
Did not exist Houzhu (後主 Hòuzhǔ) Murong Chao (慕容超 Mùróng Chāo) 405-410 Taishang (太上 Taìshàng) 405-410

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