Southern plains gray langur

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Semnopithecus dussumieri(Southern plains grey langur) sitting on a park bench in Nandankanan Zoological Park in Bhubaneshwar
range that had been attributed to the southern plains gray langur

Southern plains gray langur was the common name ascribed to Semnopithecus dussumieri by Mammal Species of the World (3rd edition) in 2005.[1] Along with several other Semnopithecus, it had been previously considered a subspecies of the northern plains gray langur, Semnopithecus entellus, i.e., Semnopithecus entellus dussumieri.[2] Subsequent genetic research has revealed that Semnopithecus dussumieri is an invalid taxon.[3][4][5][6] As a result, the populations of gray langurs that had been considered to be southern plains gray langur is now considered to be populations of northern plains gray lanhurs S. entellus.[4]


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