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The southernmost House Historic Inn
Southernmost House as seen from the Atlantic Ocean

Southernmost House Historic Inn is a historic inn in the City of Key West, Florida in Monroe County, United States. Five U.S. Presidents have stayed there.[1] It is located in the Upper Duval district.


It was built in 1896 for a cost of $250,000 USD as a private residence for Judge Vining Harris. It was converted years later into a Cuban nightclub called Café Cayo Hueso in 1939. It was converted back into a residence in 1954 and remained so until 1996, when it underwent a $3 million USD renovation and converted into an 18-room hotel.[1]


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Coordinates: 24°32′49″N 81°47′47″W / 24.54686°N 81.796505°W / 24.54686; -81.796505