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Southfield was a town in Richmond County, New York. It was located in the eastern part of Staten Island, along Lower New York Bay prior to the incorporation of Staten Island into New York City in 1898, bounded on the west roughly by Richmond Road.[1]

The town's origins dates back to an administrative division of the island made by English colonists in the late 17th century. The town was incorporated as one of the four original divisions of Richmond County in 1788.[2] In 1860, Middletown was created from parts of Southfield and Castleton.[3][4] Fort Wadsworth is located in the Southfield.

The town was dissolved in 1898 upon consolidation into the City of New York.

The present-day neighborhoods in the former town include:

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Coordinates: 40°36′50″N 74°03′58″W / 40.6139°N 74.066°W / 40.6139; -74.066