Southfield High School

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Southfeld High School
24675 Lahser Road
Southfield, Michigan
United States
Coordinates 42°28′12″N 83°15′43″W / 42.47°N 83.262°W / 42.47; -83.262Coordinates: 42°28′12″N 83°15′43″W / 42.47°N 83.262°W / 42.47; -83.262
Type Public school
School district Southfield Public Schools
Principal DeeAnn Lacey
Grades 9–12
Enrollment 1600
Color(s) Blue, red and White
Mascot Warriors

Southfield Senior High School for the Arts and Technology is a senior high school located in Southfield, Michigan. Southfield high was founded in 1951, Southfield High was the oldest of two high schools in the district operated by Southfield Public Schools. The other high school in the district is the University High School Academy,[1] a program which is located at the former Southfield-Lathrup High School was at until the recently closed down in 2016, and merged with Southfield high, and became the new "Southfield High School of the Arts and Technology" founded in 2016

History, milestones, and awards[edit]

By the mid to late 1960s, Southfield High School (SHS) was fed by four junior high schools, Birney, Lederle, Levey, and Thompson. In the fall of 1967, students from Birney began to be sent to the newly opened Southfield-Lathrup High School, leaving SHS with the other three.


Advanced placement options[edit]

Southfield High offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses in several different subjects including:


The campus is divided into several distinct zones called "houses", two of which are connected by glass hallways.[1]

O House[edit]

O House, a large two-story building, is the oldest of the campus buildings. In addition to its many classrooms, O House contains administrative offices, the radio station, main auditorium, cafeteria, gymnasium, and swimming pool.

The letter "O" in O House is thought to stand for Original, because this building was originally the only building on the Southfield High Campus. Colloquially, however, the O is said to be an abbreviation for "old."

A and B House[edit]

Built in the 1960s, A House and B House, while also two-story buildings, are considerably smaller than O House. A House holds the Blue Jay Cafe, a model restaurant for those in Culinary Arts classes, as well as the majority of the English department classrooms.

During the 2006 – 2007 academic year, A House was closed for renovation.

C and D House[edit]

Built in the 1980s, C House is also a two-story building that contain classrooms.

In March 2006, D House opened as a new two-story building adjacent to and connected with A House. This building was able to hold students and teachers relocated from parts of O House closed for renovation.

Recent renovations in A, B, C, and D House mean that the buildings are air conditioned, with updated facilities including flat panel television screens in each classroom, as well as combination DVD/VCR players.

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