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Southpaw engine is a video game engine designed for the Game Boy Advance to produce first person shooters. It was developed by Australian developer Torus Games.

The engine allows first person games to be reproduced with a maximum of 19 levels, 8 enemies and 5 save game slots, to fit within an 8MB Game Boy Advance cartridge.

The game engine is most likely retired with no future titles announced using the Southpaw engine.

Engine Features[edit]

  • Mip Mapping [1]
  • Transparent Textures
  • Reflective water
  • Destroyable textures and objects
  • Security Cameras [1]
  • Look Up/Down; Shooting Up/Down [1]
  • Screen shake [1]
  • Moving geometry
  • Floor and Ceiling textures [1]
  • Multiplayer game variation and 2 player cooperative [1]
  • Sniper views
  • Night vision
  • Night and day cycle
  • Path finding AI [1]
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Ladders
  • Proximity sound effects
  • 16 channel mod music tracks
  • BSP Traversal for Level Geometry Rendering [1]

Games using the Southpaw engine[edit]