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A 1910 Railway Clearing House map of lines around Portsmouth, showing the Southsea Railway

The Southsea Railway was a branch of the Portsmouth Direct Line, located in Portsmouth. It was opened in 1885 from Fratton Station, terminating at East Southsea Station (near to a road junction called The Strand). It was 1.25 miles long[1] and almost completely level. Two unstaffed halts were added in 1904 at Albert Road and Jessie Road/Devonshire Avenue.[2]

Tram competition[edit]

The line was not able to compete with the Portsmouth Corporation Transport tram services, despite the introduction of cheaper autocars.[3] It was closed in August 1914 and never re-opened.

The route today[edit]

The line itself and the stations have since been demolished and replaced with houses and roads; however, it is possible to walk the approximate route, which is clearly visible on street maps of the area.[4]

Alternative stations[edit]

Southsea is now served by stations at Fratton, Portsmouth & Southsea, and Portsmouth Harbour (also called The Hard), with regular trains to London Waterloo and coastway services.[5]



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